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What Are Aggregated Gift Aid Donations?

You can ‘aggregate’ (add together) donations of £20 or less from assorted donors and present them as a single monetary income item. The total donation on one line cannot be higher than £1,000. (You will need to keep evidence of the individual donations and that they are gift aid applicable).

To claim Gift Aid on aggregated donations, you don’t enter the name and address details of individual donors as this will delay your repayment claim, you can just enter a straightforward description like ‘Wednesday club donors’, the date of the last donation and the total amount raised. This saves valuable time in the data input process without losing any Gift Aid income.

AdvantageNFP Fundraiser users can now combine batches of income, such as donations, that are valid for the claiming of Gift Aid into a single monetary income item, which can subsequently be included in the next Gift Aid online claim.

To read the HMRC rules around Aggregated Gift Aid claims please take a look at the following page on their website, specifically the “Aggregated Claim” section at the end of chapter 6.6:

This indicates that only donations up to the value of a maximum threshold (currently £20.00) can be included in an aggregated donation and that you should keep an audit trail linking the aggregated donation input in AdvantageNFP Fundraiser to the paperwork proving that all donors in the aggregated donation provided Gift Aid Declarations and that each donation was no more than the maximum threshold.

The maximum total amount of a single aggregated donation that can be input into AdvantageNFP Fundraiser is set at £1000 per tax year.

This could also be particularly useful now GDPR has come into force, in that some new donors may indicate that they do not wish to be contacted yet provide a Gift Aid declaration. In this instance you could decide to combine that donation with any other such supporter donations in AdvantageNFP Fundraiser and not create such supporters as new parties within the database.

Posted 12 weeks ago

Scarily Good Fundraising

Posted by Redbourn Business Systems on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 Under: Fundraising & Halloween

What are you doing to celebrate Halloween and raise funds for your charity or not for profit organisation?

Themed fundraising events are a great way to encourage children to participate and get involved in a worthy cause.  Children love dressing up for Halloween (so do a lot of grown ups!) and here are just a few ideas to get everyone involved.

Nearly any idea can be turned into a spooky Halloween fundraising event. So why not start with something you are familiar with and put a ghoulish twist on it.

Halloween Party – Dress your venue in a scary dark décor and play a spooky soundtrack. You can include a ‘fancy dress’ competition, silent auction, raffle and tasty Halloween themed buffet menu.

Family Fun Day – including a spooky cake and biscuit sale, splat the ‘bat’ and ‘trick of treats’ Lucky Dip bags.

Trick or Treating – collect donations while trick or treating will teach kids to give back and benefit local charities.

Pumpkin competition – Kid’s love carving pumpkins to make scary lanterns, you can charge a small entrance fee and provide a prize for the best decorated.

Or join a sponsored event such as Charity Choice’s ‘Moonrider’ Halloween Special on 25th October 2013 and fund raise for a charity of your choice.

So get your supporters involved today and raise funds for your organisation with a fun filled event.

All such events can be recorded in AdvantageNFP Fundraiser as Fundraising Activities, where you can track received income and attendance.  If you record targets and expenses you can then also report on progress and a return on investment.

What’s next? Guy Fawkes Night - share your fundraising ideas for another themed event in the comments box below!

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