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7 Things about CRM your Boss Want to Know

Posted by Redbourn Business Systems on Friday, May 15, 2015 Under: CRM

       Is the System Cloud Based?

AdvantageNFP Fundraiser can be deployed as an “on premise” solution or a cloud hosted solution, AdvantageNFP Hosting.  For hosted options we use a data centre called Sentrum 4, which is located in the UK.  Nightly snapshots of the entire server are taken by default. Sentrum 4 is an extremely secure hosting facility with 24 x 7 on-site security, door access controls at site and building entrances, proximity cards to authorise access levels including mantrap access, external and internal CCTV, intruder detection alarms, 4 metre secure perimeter fence with trembler wire, SEAP 3 rated, vehicle lock to site entrance and X-ray scanners.

2.   Can you record full communication history?

This is standard functionality within AdvantageNFP Fundraiser. Our comprehensive Communications folder stores detailed information about all correspondence history, including letters, emails, phone calls, meeting notes, etc.  These can also include attachments, such as agendas, telephone recordings, Outlook One Note™ meeting minutes, etc.  You can print this list, order it by date, type, or template, filter to only include certain items etc.  This is all included within the 360° single supporter view.

3.       Are there (financial) reports available?

AdvantageNFP Fundraiser includes an intuitive, powerful reporting and query tool which provides extensive searching and reporting capability. AdvantageNFP Fundraiser includes approximately 120 standard reports plus a further 100 standard KPI graphs, each of which can be modified by the user selecting the data to include the sort sequencing and the summary levels total.

AdvantageNFP Fundraiser Enterprise is implemented with an Open Database Schema, meaning that you can develop your own ad-hoc reports, using any ODBC complaint report writer. You are not restricted to just using the supplied report writer. Other tools that could be used include MS Integrated SQL Server Reporting ServicesTM and MS AccessTM. The benefit of using MS Integrated SQL Server Reporting ServicesTM will be the ability to publish reports via MS SharePointTM.

       Can it reclaim Gift Aid?

AdvantageNFP Fundraiser has been fully approved and accredited by the HMRC for Gift Aid Online Filing using built in tools to automate Gift Aid claims and securely transferring claims from AdvantageNFP to HMRC online. 

       Is there Telephone Support?

The AdvantageNFP Fundraiser Helpdesk is manned from 8:00am through to 6:00pm each working day. This is an unlimited agreement which has no cap on the number of calls, or the length of any call, or who can call. 

       Is training include?

Full training is provided, both for Administrators and Users.  These are two day training courses each, and are both “hands on”.   Each delegate receives an electronic copy of the manuals and a printed and bound copy of the manuals is provided to each site.

       Can it integrate with our website?

The AdvantageNFP Enterprise portfolio also includes our web integration modules, including those for supporter self-service and on-line donations.  These modules, along with additional modules for online lifestyle profiles, uploading of photos, private messaging and a moderated forum (i.e. together making a private social network for supporters and other contacts) are available.

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