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Claim Your Gannett Grant Today!

Posted by Redbourn Business Systems on Friday, August 24, 2012 Under: Grants

Reading my local paper last week I came across an article titled, ‘Could you use a Gannett grant?  Which made me think, how can I use this to help our customers locally?  So I did a bit of research to find out more.  It turns out it is not just available to my local area, but is nationwide!

The Gannett Foundation is the charitable arm of Gannett Co, Inc. owner of Newsquest Media group, who publish regional newspapers, websites & magazines.  The Gannett Foundation provides funding to support local projects and organisations in areas where Newsquest operates throughout the UK and over the past 10 years have made grants in the UK totalling more than £4m.

The Gannett Foundation supports projects which take a creative approach to fundamental issues such as education and neighbourhood improvements, economic development, youth development, local problem solving, assistance to disadvantaged or disabled people, environmental conservation and cultural enrichment.

The Gannett Foundation value projects that bring lasting benefits to communities served by Newsquest newspapers.  While preference may be given to ideas which create a durable legacy for the community, they will consider single events or projects of limited duration that otherwise meets their criteria.  Usually their grants are made for substantial projects which require and merit awards of between £5,000 and £10,000.

To find out if your not for profit organisation or charity are eligible to apply for a Gannett Grant, firstly, visit Newsquest’s website to see whether they operate in your area, then check you fulfil their criteria.  If you meet all the appropriate criteria, then download the application form and get applying today!  Hurry, don’t miss out the closing date is 7th September 2012.

If you would like any further information or assistance regarding the Gannett Grant scheme, please contact the Marketing Team.

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