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Email append turned on its head!

Posted by Redbourn Business Systems on Friday, September 14, 2012 Under: Email Marketing

With email marketing on the rise a growing number of not for profit organisations are collecting vast amounts of email addresses, however very often postal addresses are not provided by individuals. So how do you add a postal address to your email database?  Well it is now possible to perform an email append in reverse allowing you to add postal addresses to your database.

One of the main issues faced by fundraisers is how to segment email address data and profile the supporters within the email database. If your data does not contain postal information this makes it difficult to enrich the data with demographics such as date of birth or MOSAIC. So how can you enrich your data with variables to enable segmentation or profiling to take place?  Reverse email append will add postal addresses to your data, you are then able to perform data enrichment of any required demographic or lifestyle information at a supporter or household level.

Not sending the right email message to the right supporters at the right time leads to increased email unsubscribes. Segmenting and profiling your data will help to reduce the unsubscribe rates by sending more relevant messages, which in turn improves not only the volume of responses but also the quality of those responses.

Email marketing has proved to be a cost effective method, especially in the not for profit sector where resources are stretched, email marketing can make a significant impact. However, traditional postal direct marketing still has its part to play.  It is much more tangible than most email marketing campaigns and traditional methods are proving more effective as supporters look to build relationship with their chosen charity.  By enriching your email data with postal address information you are also able to access many data cleansing processes. You can track movers, identify goneaways and deceased individuals within your data and ensure budget is not wasted, your charity’s brand is protected and your response rates improved.

For more information on reverse email appending contact the AdvantageNFP team on 01582 794229 or by emailing Marketing.


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