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Email Best Practice – The emails you should NOT forget to send

Posted by Redbourn Business Systems on Friday, August 31, 2012 Under: Email Marketing

When someone signs up to an enewsletter from your organisation, what’s the first thing you send?  Do you just include them in your e-newsletter database or do you actually send them a welcome email?

Don’t forget the most important emails are the first ones you send! 

Check out this free mini-guide that details how to do this right. 

Create a welcome series - a succession of 2 or 3 simple, personalised emails that a potential supporter receives over the course of their first few weeks on your email list, informing them about your organisation, its activities and ways they can get involved.  Carefully executed, a welcome series can assist you in giving new supporter relationships the personal attention they require (before asking for donations to your organisation) without an enormous commitment of resources.


A personal wecome note from the voice of your organisation:  This could be your organisation’s Executive Director, a member of staff that works in your fundraising department or a celebrity spokesperson. (Top tip: Select your spokesperson with care. Supporters want to hear from someone that relates to them on an ongoing basis not just a figure head.) This email will outline the position of your organisation and will inform the new supporters about what your organisation does and the people or community that you serve. Focus on enlightening your new supporters and reminding them what they signed up for. Reinforce benefits and set expectations about what your supporters will receive and how often.

Identify particular ways your supporters can get involved: Have really great activities aimed towards families? Looking for volunteers for your homeless organisation? Planning a gala dinner and recruiting committee members? In your second welcome message, highlight the ways new supporters can get involved and the value of being a supporter. Talking about upcoming events will also give new supporters a chance to meet your staff in person and will likely increase their level of commitment with your organisation.

Offer other approaches for supporters to engage with your organisation: Tell them about the how they can connect with your staff through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+.  (Want to learn more about engaging supporters with these tools? Download our Fundraising Fantastic 4 Presentation).

If you would like more information on Email Best Practice please contact Marketing.

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