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Gift Aid Online Filing – We’re ready are you?

Posted by Redbourn Business Systems on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 Under: Gift Aid

The Gift Aid Online Filing is due to go live on 22nd April 2013.

What should you be doing?

Register for HMRC Gateway

If you have not already registered for the HMRC Gateway, you need to do this now.  For more information visit HMRC Charities Online FAQs.

Get Your Supporter Records in Order

Make sure your supporter records are up-to-date with a current address and postcode.

The donor’s forename, surname and first line of the address are mandatory fields – the title and postcode are optional. However, whilst an online return containing no donor postcodes will pass frontend validation, it may not automatically flow through to the backend system and could be placed on to a work list for manual investigation thus delaying any repayment due.

The postcode is an optional field as there may be donors who are UK taxpayers but who are resident abroad and it only accepts UK postcodes. The recommendation is that if the donor has a UK address then the house number and postcode is provided. If there is no postcode or the donor is resident abroad, then the first line of the address should be provided.

An online return only containing the donor’s forename and surname would reject at the frontend validation at Gateway as the <House> element which should contain the first line of the address is mandatory.

Paper Claims

You will be able to continue sending the current R68(i) form until 30th September 2013. From that date, charities will either have to use one of the online methods or the new paper form ChR1, all of which will require donor address details – see

For more information on the new Gift Aid Online Filing, please contact Marketing.


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