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Insuring Your Charity or Not For Profit Organisation

Posted by Redbourn Business Systems on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 Under: Insurance

Your charity’s management team and trustees are responsible for making sure your charity is fully covered and your insurance policy is fit for purpose.

With a rise in litigation cases, ensuring your charity has the right level of cover is essential and public liability insurance is compulsory!

But how do you know what is the right level of cover? How do you ensure your charity is covered should a claim be made against you?

Visit to read the Charities & Insurance guide from The Charity Commission to help you decide what insurance is appropriate for your charity. You will establish what insurance is required by law and how you can identify, assess and manage risks your charity might face and what insurance cover may be required to manage those risks.

The document covers all aspects of insurance from building and contents insurance to cover a charity’s property against loss or damage to insurance that might be needed to cover a charities third party liabilities including public liability insurance.

Other questions that you may need answered include whether a charity can use its own money to buy insurance? Or where to get advice on what insurance a charity should take? This extensive guide will help you understand your insurance requirements and gives further sources of information on how to go about buying insurance.

Don’t delay, make sure your organisation has appropriate insurance cover today!

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