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Lost for fundraising ideas?

Posted by Redbourn Business Systems on Friday, October 19, 2012 Under: Fundraising

Lost for fundraising ideas?

How do you find new supporters and more donations for your charity or not for profit organisation?  Tired of holding the same old fundraising events and activities?  These are questions that most charities and not for profit organisations face at some point.  So hopefully this will help give you inspiration to come up with new ideas.

Hosting something entirely new may appeal to a new audience of supporters.  For instance, putting on an event for children like an assault course and then getting in touch with local football clubs, rugby clubs, athletics clubs, scouts, brownies, drama groups, schools and any other associations that you can think of, to get the children involved.  It could be a sponsored event or just an enrolment fee, but you could have a potential new audience.  Mums and dads, aunts and uncles and grandparents will all want to come along to watch.  You could have stalls selling merchandise, refreshments and even a BBQ (well maybe not at this time of year!) but you get the idea.

Look at your current supporter profile and see what demographics you are missing and think of a way to appeal to this potential audience.  AdvantageNFP Fundraiser can help you profile your database in several ways.  Typically you would assign either Segments or Categories to your supporters.  Both options support multiple allocations per supporter and ensure you can quickly identify supporters based on your chosen classification.   Powerful searches, counts and filters can be run that allow you to, say, search for all your volunteers, or your local corporate sponsors, or national organisations, etc.  The flexible configuration allows you to choose the segmentation model you plan to adopt, to keep that up to date in a straightforward way and to use the model for powerful searching and analysis functions.  To find out more about how to configure Segments or Categories, and when to use each option, please refer to the Advantage Fundraiser Fundamentals User Guide.  To book a consultant to visit you for onsite assistance in configuring your Segmentation model  then please call 01582 794229 and take option 2, or alternatively email [email protected].

Look out for more details in our next blog about how AdvantageNFP Fundraiser customers can benefit from third party demographic profiling tools, such as MOSAIC and AFD’s Censation Code. 

Do some internal brainstorming with your staff and volunteers, ask your existing supporters what fundraising events they would like to get involved or join forces with another local charity or not for profit organisation to share the overheads of running an event.

If you are still stuck for ideas read the Charity Challenge A-Z of fundraising ideas for some inspiration.

Good luck!

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