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Social Media for marketing, communications and fundraising.

Posted by Redbourn Business Systems on Friday, September 16, 2011 Under: Social Media & Fundraising

Social Media for marketing, communications and fundraising.

Very few people will check the website of their favourite charity on a daily basis, but more than 250 million people will check their Facebook pageHoneypot

It seems that nowadays everywhere you turn you find social media in front you. Whether this is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare or Flickr. Social Media sites are part of everybody’s life; they are here to stay and their popularity is growing fast. Recent studies demonstrate this point. For example if it was a country Facebook would be the world’s third most populated one, behind China and India. (Source: Tech Magazine)

At AdvantageNFP we have worked with almost two hundred not-for-profit organisations worldwide, providing CRM, fundraising, membership, alumni and ticketed event management database solutions.  Our mission is to help our customers manage their world efficiently and to help them raise more funds.

As the number one charity CRM supplier in the UK we are starting to see some really exciting and interesting social media developments amongst our customer base.  This is something that we care passionately about, having introduced social media functionality into our AdvantageNFP fundraiser product as long ago as 2009.  Some of our customers, of all shapes and sizes, are making a great success of their CRM and social media links.  So we took a small sample from our growing customer base and discussed their CRM and social media strategy. Over the next few weeks we will share different case studies which can be downloaded from the Blog page of our website.

This week we have InterAct Reading Service and Honeypot, both AdvantageNFP Fundraiser customers since 2006.

To summarise, there is a growing trend amongst our AdvantageNFP customers towards building on their existing CRM solution and developing a strong social media presence, by using all the major social networking sites available.  Our customers increasingly see social media sites as an integral part of their communications, marketing and fundraising strategy.

To find out more about how AdvantageNFP and social media can help you manage your world more efficiently and raise more funds, please email the marketing team at AdvantageNFP ([email protected]).

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