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Ten Advantages of Google Places for Your Organisation

Posted by Redbourn Business Systems on Friday, July 27, 2012 Under: Google

What is Google Places?

Google Places is Google’s way of giving local organisations an upper hand. There are so many benefits to getting listed in Google Places that any charity or not-for-profit organisation who’s not taking advantage of it is really missing a trick!

Should you be using Google Places?

Add your charity or not-for-profit organisation to Google Places and you’ll discover hundreds of advantages for advertising your organisation through this free service.  There are ten significant advantages listed below.

1.       Online advertising like Google Places is the way of the future, and it has already started to replace paper phone directory listings that cost hundreds of pounds per year.

2.       Google Places is free.

3.       Surpass Other More Established Rankings. Search engines are notoriously difficult to get a ranking on. However, with Google Places, you can quickly leap to the top of the listings even with a brand new website. Your organisation will be displayed at the top of local searches for your organisation type.

4.       You can promote events for one day, one week, or one month.

5.       Your website, physical mailing address and your phone number are displayed in your listing, which allows supporters to find you more quickly and to get the information they need.

6.       Mobile phone users can find your organisation’s listing immediately and contact you on the move.

7.       You will receive more traffic and new supporters.

8.       You don’t need a physical building location to get accepted into Google Places.

9.       By using citations and reviews, your Google Places will move up in ranking. With high ranking within eight weeks, rather than eight months or eight years, your free advertising with Google Places will bring you more targeted supporters faster than traditional organic methods.

10.   Finally, and the most important to your fundraising goals, is that because it is so easy for supporters to find your charity or not-for-profit organisation’s listing, you will raise more funds than you did before your organisation was listed in Google Places.

Want to know more about how your organisation can benefit from Google Places then contact us on 01582 794 229 or email us.

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