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About Redbourn Business Systems & AdvantageNFP

Redbourn Business Systems are conveniently located in Redbourn, Hertfordshire and was formed in 1994 by its current Managing Director, Steve Cast. Redbourn have provided bespoke database solutions and consultancy for many leading UK charities, including Save the Children Fund and ChildLine, as well as "off the shelf" integrated CRM, fundraising software, membership database, ticketed event management and alumni database CRM solutions for all sized charity and Not For Profit Organisations. 

With AdvantageNFP Fundraiser and AdvantageNFP Box Office we aim to provide our expertise and charity CRM software to a wider audience with bespoke database solutions and off the shelf integrated CRM solutions.

Redbourn Business Systems is committed to providing the highest quality charity CRM software, to the widest possible Not For Profit audience, for the minimum cost.

We will work with you to improve your work processes and organisation's efficiency, maximise your productivity and increase the revenue from your events, membership and supporters. You will receive dedicated support, training, software updates and access to regular free webinars to help you get the most out of your AdvantageNFP software.

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