AdvantageNFP Fundraiser powered by Redbourn Business Systems has had their 12th successful show at the CHASE 2013 exhibition. As regular exhibitors, AdvantageNFP are well placed to compare this year’s show with previous years. There was a real “buzz” at the show this year and the number of visitors in the exhibition hall felt to be an increase on recent years. The quality of visitors to our stand was also encouraging, with many organisations telling us that they had made a “beeline” for our stand. 


The launch of AdvantageNFP View generated great interest and we were inundated with enquiries on our stand making it the best show to date! Using AdvantageNFP View, customers can access the complete functionality on offer from AdvantageNFP Fundraiser or AdvantageNFP Box Office on any device, including Apple Mac, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone and Google Android devices. This revolutionary product enables fundraisers to securely access the full CRM fundraising and ticketing database, from any Internet connected location and device.

Steve Cast, MD of Redbourn Business Systems, presented a very well attended seminar – ‘Does every cloud have a silver lining?’ informing delegates what the ‘cloud’ is, how it evolved and the pros and cons of using the cloud, to help them make an informed decision when faced with whether they should put their infrastructure data and services in the cloud. The audience was an interesting mix of those already using the cloud, those who knew about the cloud but hadn’t yet implemented a cloud solution and those for whom cloud computing meant very little. They’d all come to the right seminar and feedback to date on our presentation has been overwhelming positive. 

The presentation started with a definition of the cloud, which naturally led to what the cloud is and how it can be delivered. Attention was drawn to Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service and Desktop as a Service. An explanation of Public, Community, Hybrid and Private Cloud deployment models was also presented. The question of which is best was put forward, with the honest answer being that it depends on each client’s needs and budget; “Horses for Courses”. There is no one cloud was the underlying message. The seminar moved on to discuss top tips for implementing a cloud solution, as well as a light hearted but with a serious undertone, set of questions to ask a cloud service provider.

The seminar ended with a Q&A session, which debated a number of issues. These were addressed by not only the AdvantagNFP team but other also by other audience members, demonstrating yet again how the NFP sector are often willing to share best practise and experience with each other. Following the seminar The AdvantageNFP stand had a flurry of delegates wanting to know more and copies of the seminar presentation are now available online at the website. 

Steve Cast, MD of Redbourn says, “CHASE has been a great success for Redbourn, strengthening relationships with existing customers, educating visitors on Redbourn’s AdvantageNFP CRM database product portfolio and building working partnerships with current and new partners. We look forward to converting all the potential interest and helping more organisations to install the UK’s leading charity CRM database software.”

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