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Read through our press release and news archives on our customers and why they selected AdvantageNFP Fundraiser for their charity CRM databases. Learn how AdvantageNFP Fundraiser helped their not for profit organisation to manage their world and raise more funds.  Find out how AdvantageNFP Fundraiser compares with other charity CRM databases and how it can work for your not for profit organisation.


The Society for Mucopolysaccharide Diseases (MPS) was founded in May 1982. They are the only registered UK charity providing professional support to individuals, families and professionals affected by MPS and related diseases throughout the UK. 

The mucopolysaccharidoses are a group of inherited metabolic diseases in which a defective or missing enzyme causes large amounts of complex sugar molecules to accumulate in harmful amounts in the body's cells and tissues. This accumulation causes permanent, progressive cellular damage that affects appearance, physical abilities, organ and system functioning, and, in most cases, mental development. 

MPS provide a wide range of support services for members and their families.  This includes an advocacy support service, a telephone helpline, clinics, palliative care and bereavement service, as well as giving information and advice.

MPS had an existing fundraising database system which no longer met their needs, so they elected to go out to tender in search of a new fundraising CRM software solution that would better fit their requirements. One of the main prerequisites was to have a CRM system that could record

all member information for the advocacy service, it needed to be secure for sensitive information, plus have fundraising functionality that could keep track of events, grants and individual giving.

MPS chose AdvantageNFP Fundraiser as it was an established fundraising software system which could provide a 360° view and included authority levels for restricted record access. Redbourn also provided a complex data migration service to import MPS’s existing data into AdvantageNFP Fundraiser.

MPS organise members who want to participate in drug companies’ trials for various new drugs. MPS organise flights and hotel accommodation, etc. for the members to attend the trials. Using AdvantageNFP Fundraiser improves the administration efficiency for these trials and is easier for all staff involved, to access the information from one single point of reference.  The dashboard enables the CEO to have a clear overview of income and engagement at any given time.

Steve Cast, Managing Director of Redbourn declares, “We are thrilled that AdvantageNFP Fundraiser CRM and fundraising software won the MPS selection process. AdvantageNFP Fundraiser meets the needs of both their CRM and fundraising requirements. Redbourn look forward to supporting MPS with a complete fundraising CRM database solution.”


The Association of Independent Museums (AIM) is a membership organisation established in 1977. The Directors of independent museums wanted to form a network for mutual help and support which would deliver good practice and generate a voice for the individual needs of the emergent independent sector. 

AIM support independent museums, galleries and heritage organisations in the UK – assisting them to accomplish their ideas and ensuring their needs are recognised and addressed by policy makers, funders and other organisations working within the sector.

AIM previously had an inhouse bespoke membership administration system which had reached its end of life.  AIM invited a number of leading membership CRM database suppliers to respond to a competitive tender document, to find and implement an off the shelf solution with more functionality, support and a development road map.

As a membership organisation AIM need to manage its members records, communications and accurately record all monetary income from the renewal of their memberships. As AIM’s staff are home-based and not IT specialists, the membership CRM database needed to be accessed securely from anywhere on any device and also be intuitive and easy to use. Another fundamental requirement was that it needed to be data protection compliant.

AIM selected AdvantageNFP as their preferred membership CRM database as its functionality met the needs of their comprehensive requirements.

Steve Cast, Managing Director of Redbourn declares, “We are thrilled to announce that AdvantageNFP has been selected by AIM as their preferred membership CRM database. We have a proven track record with similar membership organisations and were able to demonstrate a good understanding of AIM’s requirements. We look forward to working with AIM and forming a solid working relationship.”


This functionality uses the Mailchimp API to allow AdvantageNFP customers to synchronise a Mailchimp List with an AdvantageNFP Mailing List Activity so that supporters added within AdvantageNFP are added directly into Mailchimp with any mismatches reported back to the user.

How it works:

  1. Set up a Template in AdvantageNFP which allows custom fields in the Mailchimp list to be updated with AdvantageNFP data.
  2. Create an Activity in AdvantageNFP and link the Template to the Activity.
  3. Search within AdvantageNFP for the required supporters and add them to the Activity. 

There is a synchronise button that communicates with Mailchimp, automatically loading any newly added Supporters in the Mailing List Activity into Mailchimp.  If a subscriber changes their status to unsubscribed in Mailchimp, the subsequent synchronisation will change their Activity status in AdvantageNFP.  In addition, if someone calls in by phone to unsubscribe, you can change their Activity status in AdvantageNFP and when you click on the synchronise button it will update Mailchimp accordingly.  Logs of all changes made and mismatches are available for immediate interrogation within AdvantageNFP.

Contact marketing today for more information.


Lepra, formerly BELRA (British Empire Leprosy Relief Association) was launched in 1924. Lepra are a UK-based international charity working to beat leprosy. This disease affects the most vulnerable people in the world, causing life-changing disabilities, but there is a cure.

Lepra works directly with communities in Bangladesh, India and Mozambique to locate, diagnose and rehabilitate people affected by leprosy. By creating awareness, urging for early detection and diminishing stigma, Lepra support people so they can transform their lives.

Lepra’s previous fundraising database was being no longer being supported or in development. With the introduction of GDPR regulations, Lepra decided it was time to go out to tender to procure new charity fundraising software solution that was fully supported, and had a road map for development going forward.

Lepra selected AdvantageNFP Fundraiser as it was an established charity fundraising software solution, that had been developed to be GDPR compliant.

Lepra arrange lots of charity fundraising activities and events, many of which are in schools. AdvantageNFP allows Lepra to manage these activities, improve communications to supporters, integrate newsletters and manage connectivity.

Lepra are using the public cloud version of AdvantageNFP Fundraiser so all UK offices are now able to access the fundraising database and enter details directly, improving efficiency.

Steve Cast, Managing Director of Redbourn says, “We are delighted that Lepra selected AdvantageNFP Fundraiser as their preferred Charity Fundraising Software solution. We were able to meet their current requirements and support them going forward with a fully comprehensive fundraising system. Redbourn are looking forward to working with Lepra.”


In Release 1.30 of AdvantageNFP Fundraiser, one of the main enhancements is to interface with the cloud version of AFD Postcode Plus.  This means customers don’t have to install the AFD desktop product, they don’t need to manage quarterly updates on each PC running AdvantageNFP Fundraiser anymore, as the solution maintains all the current address lookup functionality.

All PAF updates (such as postcode changes or new builds for example) are implemented into the cloud service by AdvantageNFP working with AFD. 

With the hosted solution, you no longer need a license per machine.  A hosted license will cover all users and machines.  This license also gives you a maximum number of address lookups per year, depending on the subscription level you choose.

Contact marketing today for more information.

AFD Postcode Plus

The AdvantageNFP Fundraiser Team Are Delighted to Welcome Bipolar UK Onboard

After a rigorous tender process, Bipolar UK selected AdvantageNFP Fundraiser CRM database to replacing their existing system as it met all of their requirements within their allocated budget.

Bipolar UK is the national charity dedicated to supporting individuals with the much misunderstood and devastating condition of bipolar, their families and carers. Bipolar UK provide a range of services to enable people affected by bipolar and associated illnesses to take control of their lives.

Each year Bipolar UK reach out to and support over 80,000 individuals through their services and information/advice publications.

AdvantageNFP Fundraiser is a complete fundraising CRM and membership database solution designed for small, medium and large not for profit organisations.  AdvantageNFP was designed by Redbourn’s charity CRM experts in association with leading charity consultants and several UK charities, to provide a powerful and extensive system with a user-friendly interface.

Steve Cast, Managing Director of Redbourn says, “We look forward to welcoming Bipolar UK as a new AdvantageNFP Fundraiser customer and look forward to building a long term relationship with them.”

Davinia Batley, Fundraising Manager for Bipolar UK says, “Bipolar UK is at an exciting stage of its fundraising development, as we move to diversify our income streams and improve stewardship. In AdvantageNFP, we have found a database that enables us to do more – from SMS communication to moves mapping – whilst offering value for money.”

Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance Service Fly High With AdvantageNFP

AdvantageNFP Fundraiser powered by Redbourn Business Systems is pleased to announce that having been selected to deliver a new CRM system for Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance (TVACAA), the project has now gone live. 

TVACAA is the only charity responsible for funding and operating the air ambulance serving the communities of Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, providing patients with life-saving medical care.

The TVACAA were looking to further develop the services they offer with increased operational hours including night flying and better medical facilities on board the aircraft. In order to reach these goals the TVACAA needs to build long term sustainable revenue streams, and to reduce its reliance on lottery funding whilst nurturing more direct donors, corporate and business partners.  TVACAA decided to implement a new fundraising CRM platform and strategy to help achieve their objectives.

John Wilcox, Head of Finance & Business Support declares “We are delighted to be working with Redbourn, and are very satisfied that the product we have chosen will enable us to continue developing our fundraising strategy. We have a wide group of supporters right across the counties we serve, and AdvantageNFP will enable us to have more effective relationships with them all”.

The AdvantageNFP Team are pleased to welcome Mark Brittain on board as a Business Development Manager to help grow our customer base even further.

Mark has joined us to support our business development activity. “For most of my career I have worked in the data capture and CRM marketplace” explains Mark “AdvantageNFP offers unrivaled functionality at an accessible cost. There are many organisations that would like this sort of system; our extensive user base means there are numerous examples, with spectacular results, that will help individuals feel confident in making the transition.”

Redbourn has seen substantial growth of both our AdvantageNFP and our commercial client base in the past 12 months and this is the perfect time to expand our team to manage that growth. I am certain that Mark will be an asset to our team and that all of our customers will benefit from his experience and expertise. I’ve asked Mark to make contact with all of our clients to introduce himself and to discuss your specific needs, so that he can offer advice and guidance on our AdvantageNFP services. Please join me in welcoming Mark to our team."  

Mark Brittain, BDM says, “For most of my career I have worked in the data capture and CRM marketplace” explains Mark “AdvantageNFP offers unrivalled functionality at an accessible cost. There are many organisations that would like this sort of system; our extensive user base means there are numerous examples, with spectacular results, that will help individuals feel confident in making the transition.”

Federation of Communication Services Select AdvantageNFP CRM

Federation of Communication Services (FCS) recently selected Redbourn’s AdvantageNFP CRM database to manage communications and accurately record all monetary income of their members. Chris Pateman, CEO of FCS met Redbourn at the CHASE 2014 exhibition. After having reviewed a number of alternate CRM products, Chris and the FCS team selected AdvantageNFP CRM as their preferred CRM database having met their list of criteria and functionality.

FCS is the Trade Association for companies which deliver professional communications solutions to business and public sector customers in the UK. Be it voice or data; via radio, mobile, copper or fibre; the FCS Mission is to champion and defend the role of the professional communications provider in the converging market place. 

Chris Pateman, CEO of FCS says, “first impressions of suppliers always count.  So it made a refreshing change to see the system demo’d by somebody who’d written it, who understood what customers needed, and who could immediately give straight no-nonsense answers to our questions.  We were immediately impressed by Advantage’s ability to help us manage FCS events, and the no-hassle option of cross-referencing members with their local MPs.  

We’re a small team, and it’s been particularly pleasing to see how the Redbourn staff have understood our workload, anticipated our needs and helped through the implementation process.  Redbourn’s personal touch and short internal reporting lines very much mirror our own approach to business;  we very much look forward to building on these foundations as our business needs develop in the years ahead.” 

Willows Counselling Service Select AdvantageNFP Fundraiser CRM

Willows Counselling Service recently selected Redbourn’s AdvantageNFP Fundraiser CRM database to manage communications with their supporters and volunteers. Having considered a number of software alternatives including web-based and on-premise, Willows Counselling Service decided AdvantageNFP Fundraiser was most suited for their requirements, providing a 360 degree view of all their supporters, at an affordable price.

Willows Counselling Service is a charity providing professional counselling, training and advice for adults in the Swindon community, as well as providing information to local organisations. Willows is committed to the local community and work alongside other outreach projects to deliver counselling services in localities. Willows have also provided services in collaboration with other agencies including the NSPCC, Barnardo's, Salvation Army, family centres and local churches in providing counselling. 

“Our database has grown so much, it was becoming harder to tailor our information and responses to individual supporters and organisations.  We needed a solution that allowed us to have high quality communications with all our contacts and supporters.  After careful consideration we decided that AdvantageNFP Fundraiser offered the best value for money for the security, functionality and adaptability we required.”

Dr Ruth Cureton, Mission Development Manager at Willows Counselling Service

St Albans Museums and Galleries Trust put their faith in Redbourn's AdvantageNFP Fundraiser

St Albans Museums and Galleries Trust have recently selected AdvantageNFP Fundraiser, the integrated fundraising, CRM, membership and marketing database powered by Redbourn Business Systems.  AdvantageNFP Fundraiser will help the Trust’s  appeals to raise funds for its work including the relocation of the current Museum of St Albans to the Town Hall.

Founded in 1995, the St Albans Museums and Galleries Trust supports the Museums and Galleries of St. Albans.  Funds raised by the Trust go towards a variety of purchases, events and projects.

Michael Gray, Chair and Trustee said, “We are very pleased to be able to incorporate the AdvantageNFP Fundraiser system as an integral part of our fundraising activities.”

St Peter's Church Adopt AdvantageNFP  Fundraiser as Their Chosen Fundraising Database

St Peter’s Church, St Albans just named AdvantageNFP Fundraiser as their preferred fundraising CRM database.  The integrated fundraising, CRM, membership and marketing database powered by Redbourn Business Systems will help manage St Peter’s Church’s fundraising activities and the relationships among the supporters of the church.

St Peter’s Church, has long been a place of hospitality as one the city’s ancient gateway churches.  People have worshiped there for over a thousand years.  Today they continue to welcome many from across the city and surrounding area, whether drawn by their quality choral tradition, provision for children and young families, offering of diverse opportunities for worship, prayer and learning, the strong sense of community they seek to foster or for many other reasons.  

Moira Dean, St Peter’s Church says, “We were attracted by Advantage’s flexibility to manage our contact communications and fundraising activity together in one user-friendly database”. 

The AdvantageNFP Team Welcomes Zach on Board!

The AdvantageNFP  Team are pleased to welcome Zachary Beesley-Travers on board as the latest addition to our growing Application Support team.

Zach joined Redbourn on 1st October 2013 and has already started on a rigorous training programme to get him up to speed on AdvantageNFP Fundraiser and AdvantageNFP Box Office, where he is making great progress and is already resolving customer issues.

Read the story about Zach joining AdvantageNFP

Steve Cast, Founder & Managing Director of Redbourn declares, “As our AdvantageNFP Fundraiser and AdvantageNFP Box Office customer base expands we are committed to providing the same high standard of service that all our customers currently enjoy.  Adding to our team is a key priority for us and I am delighted to welcome Zach on board.  Zach demonstrates both an aptitude for excellent  Customer Service and a keenness to further develop his career.  We will be supporting Zach to achieve a recognisable industry standard qualification in Customer Service and his recruitment represents another milestone in our growing business.  I am sure that Zach will be an asset to our team and that our customers will benefit from his commitment to excellent Customer Service. ” 

AdvantageNFP Fundraiser is Helping Borders Forest Trust See the Wood from the Trees

Borders Forest Trust recently selected Redbourn’s AdvantageNFP Fundraiser CRM database to help manage their volunteers, memberships and donations.  After having compared a number of alternative databases, Borders Forest Trust felt AdvantageNFP Fundraiser most suited their requirements. 

Read the full Borders Press Release

Jane Rosegrant, Director of Borders Forest Trust says, “We were particularly impressed that AdvantageNFP Fundraiser will talk to our accounting package, cutting down on the need for entering the same information separately for each function.  With their personal approach to service, we are very much looking forward to working with Redbourn.”

South West Equine Protection are Hot-To-Trot with AdvantageNFP Fundraiser 

Redbourn Business Systems are pleased to welcome on board South West Equine Protection (SWEP).  SWEP contacted Redbourn in their search for a fundraising CRM database that could also provide a membership system and record animal sponsorship and loan homes.  After careful consideration SWEP chose to implement AdvantageNFP Fundraiser, having met their list of criteria and budget.

Read the full SWEP Press Release

Adele Cassidy, Managing Director at SWEP says, “It was quite a journey to get a CRM database that will accomplish all of our current needs and one that will grow with the charity.  AdvantageNFP Fundraiser did everything we were looking for, and they were highly recommended for their aftercare and customer services.  The charity is looking forward to getting the database up and running.”

Age UK Horsham District Join the AdvantageNFP Fundraiser Community

Redbourn Business Systems are delighted to welcome Age UK Horsham District on board!  Age UK Horsham District met the AdvantageNFP Fundraiser team at the CHASE 2013 exhibition in February and were very impressed with the AdvantageNFP Fundraiser software.  After a thorough selection process Age UK Horsham District decided upon AdvantageNFP Fundraiser as their preferred CRM database having met their list of criteria and functionality within budget.

Read the full Age UK Horsham Press Release   

Lawrence Mallyon, Community Fundraiser at Age UK Horsham District says, "Community fundraising is a brand new area of work for Age UK Horsham District and we are working to encourage supporters of our work to get involved and put on fundraising activities. In order to track the various events, donations, sponsorships and relationships with our fantastic supporters, I needed a cohesive system that can manage all of these different areas and build a picture of our supporters. We looked at a range of CRM’s and AdvantageNFP Fundraiser provided the functionality we needed within our budget."

Shaare Zedek UK Select AdvantageNFP Fundraiser 

Redbourn Business Systems are pleased to announce Shaare Zedek UK has selected AdvantageNFP Fundraiser as their dedicated fundraising CRM database system to manage communications with supporters, donations and appeals.  After having compared and reviewed a number of alternative database options, Shaare Zedek UK felt AdvantageNFP Fundraiser best matched their requirements.

Read the full Shaare Zedek Press Release

 Tina Son, Marketing Director at Shaare Zedek UK explains, At Shaare Zedek UK our sole raison d’etre is to raise funds for the hospital in Jerusalem and our database is the engine that drives everything that we do. In looking for a new database provider to take us forward into the future we were very impressed by Advantage in terms of its ease of use and affordability together with the helpfulness and approach-ability of their consultants and help desk.”

Gift Aid Online Filing

We’re on track for the April 22nd 2013 deadline.  New functionality is being incorporated into AdvantageNFP Fundraiser.  It will follow the existing procedures up to the point of submitting the claim, when instead of the current process of printing, signing and posting reports, the Tax Reclaim option has been updated with new features to submit your claims online. It takes the created claim file and formats and transfers this, via a secure server, to the HMRC gateway for processing. 

Read the full news update
Gift Aid logo

AdvantageNFP Fundraiser Win Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums (TWAM), Newcastle upon Tyne, has chosen to partner with AdvantageNFP Fundraiser, as their new fundraising CRM supplier.  The rigorous competitive tendering process put AdvantageNFP, powered by Redbourn Business Systems, up against several other well known CRM suppliers.  Having met all of Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums’ requirements, they decided after a detailed selection process to partner with AdvantageNFP Fundraiser.

read the full TWAM Press Release

Martin Williams, Principal Officer, Development and Trading at Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums, says, “More than ever we need to focus on our customers; learn more about them and develop them into loyal supporters.  AdvantageNFP Fundraiser is a complete fundraising and CRM database which everyone in TWAM will be able to use.  This, plus the easy to use system and Redbourn’s commitment to outstanding customer service is why we chose to partner with AdvantageNFP Fundraiser.”

Lluest Horse & Pony Trust select AdvantageNFP Fundraiser

Lluest Horse & Pony Trust, Llangadog, Carmarthenshire recently chose AdvantageNFP Fundraiser, the integrated fundraising, CRM, membership and marketing database solution powered by Redbourn Business Systems, to help manage their donations, supporter relationships, events and services.

read the full Lluest Trust press release

Jules Weston, Business Development Manager at Lluest Horse & Pony Trust, decided on AdvantageNFP Fundraiser having been hugely impressed with the demonstration and the wonderful functionality of AdvantageNFP Fundraiser. Jules declares, “AdvantageNFP Fundraiser is an excellent system that will really enhance our ability to communicate directly with our supporter base and integrate our various database systems. I’m sure it will make our work more efficient, help us to use our limited resources more effectively and generate much needed support for our work rescuing neglected and abandoned horses and ponies.”

Best Show to Date! CHASE 2013

AdvantageNFP Fundraiser powered by Redbourn Business Systems has had their 12th successful show at the CHASE 2013 exhibition.  As regular exhibitors, AdvantageNFP are well placed to compare this year’s show with previous years.  There was a real “buzz” at the show this year and the number of visitors in the exhibition hall felt to be an increase on recent years.  The quality of visitors to our stand was also encouraging, with many organisations telling us that they had made a “beeline” for our stand.  The launch of AdvantageNFP View generated great interest and we were inundated with enquiries on our stand making it the best show to date!

read the full CHASE 2013 Press Release

Steve Cast, MD of Redbourn says, “CHASE has been a great success for Redbourn, strengthening relationships with existing customers, educating visitors on Redbourn’s AdvantageNFP CRM database product portfolio and building working partnerships with current and new partners.   We look forward to converting all the potential interest and helping more organisations to install the UK’s leading charity CRM database software.”

AdvantageNFP Fundraiser Welcomes Exeter Leukaemia Fund

Exeter Leukaemia Fund, Devon recently opted for AdvantageNFP Fundraiser, the integrated fundraising, CRM, membership and marketing database solution powered by Redbourn Business Systems, to help structure and organise their supporter relationships and to communicate with supporters more effectively.

read the full ELF Press Release

Bridget Hill, Fundraising Manager at Exeter Leukaemia Fund explains,This is a very exciting time for the charity which is expanding its services to patients. It is vital that we provide the best possible service to our supporters and the new system will be a cornerstone of this aim. We evaluated several systems but decided that AdvantageNFP Fundraiser has the best functionality and the track record we are looking for.

AdvantageNFP Welcomes The Equal Rights Trust

The Equal Rights Trust, London recently selected Redbourn’s AdvantageNFP Fundraiser database software to help manage supporter relationships and charitable income.
read the full Equal Rights Trust press release

Mickella Lewis, Head of Development at The Equal Rights Trust explains, “We were looking for an affordable system with a good level of functionality to meet our grant management needs.  We chose AdvantageNFP because of the flexibility of the system and the training and on-going support available to get the most out of the database”.

Friend's of St Mary's Press Release

Friends of St. Mary's Choose AdvantageNFP Fundraiser

Redbourn Business Systems are delighted to welcome the Friends of St. Mary’s Church, who has signed up to implement AdvantageNFP Fundraiser to help organise their supporter relationships and to increase funds.

read the full Friends of St. Mary's press release

Chairman of The Friends of St. Mary’s Church Committee explains, “Having looked at a number of alternative CRM solutions, we felt that AdvantageNFP Fundraiser was ideally suited to the requirements of a small charity like ours. Low cost, very easy to learn and get using quickly to manage events and finance, plus great support. It was an easy choice to make.”

Oxford Centre Press Release

Oxford Centre for Hebrew & Jewish Studies Selects AdvantageNFP Fundraiser

Redbourn Business Systems are thrilled to welcome the Oxford Centre for Hebrew & Jewish Studies, who have just signed up to install AdvantageNFP Fundraiser to help structure and organise their supporter relationships and to communicate with supporters more effectively.

read the full Oxford Centre press release

David Ariel, President at Oxford Centre for Hebrew & Jewish Studies says, “AdvantageNFP is a comprehensive donor management system well-suited to the needs of a small to medium size charity. Having used other comparable packages in the United States, this seems to be very functional and easy to use."

London's Air Ambulance Press Release

AdvantageNFPFundraiser Takes Off Again!

Redbourn Business Systems are pleased to welcome on board London’s Air Ambulance, who have just signed up to implement AdvantageNFP Fundraiser CRM fundraising software to handle the organisation’s complex fundraising relationships. 

read the full London's Air Ambulance press release

Harry Selley, the Major Donor Researcher and Database Administrator at London’s Air Ambulance says, “We looked closely at many other popular CRMs because we had to be sure that our new system would be worth the considerable time and money invested. Advantage Fundraiser had more functionality than the others we considered, looks easy to use, and came highly recommended from Devon Air Ambulance."

Kensington & Chelsea Press Release

The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation Choose AdvantageNFP Fundraiser  

The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation has recently selected AdvantageNFP Fundraiser CRM database powered by Redbourn Business Systems, to help manage the organisation’s fundraising activities.

read the full K&C Foundation press release

Jeremy Raphaely, Founder and Director of The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation explains, “We are a relatively young charity, but growing fast.  The AdvantageNFP CRM package offers us a comprehensive system for managing the details of all our present supporters, as well as the flexibility and capacity to grow with us as we develop in the future.” 

WADARS Press Release

Worthing & District Animal Rescue Services’ new Fundraising Database

WADARS (Worthing & District Animal Rescue Services) have just signed up with Redbourn Business Systems, to implement AdvantageNFP Fundraiser CRM database at their charity.  

read the full WADARS press release

“We wanted to keep better records of all of our three thousand members and supporters many of whom have taken on rescued pets from us. The ideas on how to do this from the Redbourn team were outstanding” explains Tony Thorn, Fundraising Manager at Worthing & District Animal Rescue Services (WADARS).

Cardinal Newman Press Release

The Cardinal Newman Catholic School (CNCS) selects AdvantageNFP Fundraiser

Hove-based Cardinal Newman Catholic School (CNCS), which has been open since 1872, chose AdvantageNFP, powered by Redbourn Business Systems, to provide its AdvantageNFP Fundraiser CRM solution.

read the full Cardinal Newman press release

Sandie Foster, Fundraising Officer of CNCS, highlights that “It is very important for us to have dedicated Helpdesk support from a supplier and Redbourn Business Systems showed us that its Helpdesk team is second to none". 

SEBDA Press Release

The Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Association (SEBDA) chooses AdvantageNFP Fundraiser for its CRM and Fundraising Needs 

AdvantageNFP, powered by Redbourn Business Systems, has been selected to provide its AdvantageNFP Fundraiser CRM solution to SEBDA, Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Association.

read the full SEBDA press release 

Siri Nurwandi from SEBDA confirms that “In the face of stiff competition, AdvantageNFP won us over with its complete functionality and truly affordable price.  We really cannot wait to implement AdvantageNFP Fundraiser at SEBDA”. 

As reported in recent independent charity CRM fundraising software surveys (2011 and 2012), 100% of our AdvantageNFP Fundraiser not-for-profit customers would recommend us to other charities. If this sounds too good to be true, Redbourn Business Systems can put you in touch with not-for-profit organisations of your size or in your geographical area, for you to discuss why they chose AdvantageNFP Fundraiser for their preferred charity CRM databases.

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