We’re on track for the April 22nd 2013 Gift Aid deadline. New functionality is being incorporated into AdvantageNFP Fundraiser. It will follow the existing procedures up to the point of submitting the claim, when instead of the current process of printing, signing and posting reports, the Gift Aid Tax Reclaim option has been updated with new features to submit your claims online. It takes the created claim file and formats and transfers this, via a secure server, to the HMRC gateway for processing. 

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We are currently testing this process using HMRC’s test service and expect to be ready for the implementation of the new claim processes from HMRC, which is still scheduled for 22nd April 2013. Clients will have between then and the 30th September to upgrade to this next version of AdvantageNFP Fundraiser as by 30thSeptember HMRC will no longer process paper claims. 

Customers can and should be preparing for this now, by ensuring that their Gift Aid records are accurate and up to date. For example, HMRC now require that address details are supplied in the claim and a claim cannot be submitted for a supporter without a current primary address recorded within the database. 

Charities also need to register for the HMRC Gateway and should move forward with this as quickly as possible if they have not already done so. For more information please visit HMRC Charities Online FAQs. 

In summary, we’re on track to deliver this functionality to you in time for the scheduled live date at HMRC so this is in hand. You can and should be preparing for this now by registering with the HMRC gateway and ensuring your Gift Aid records are up to date and accurate.

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