This functionality uses the Mailchimp API to allow AdvantageNFP customers to synchronise a Mailchimp List with an AdvantageNFP Mailing List Activity so that supporters added within AdvantageNFP are added directly into Mailchimp with any mismatches reported back to the user.


How it works:

  1. Set up a Template in AdvantageNFP which allows custom fields in the Mailchimp list to be updated with AdvantageNFP data.
  2. Create an Activity in AdvantageNFP and link the Template to the Activity.
  3. Search within AdvantageNFP for the required supporters and add them to the Activity. 

There is a synchronise button that communicates with Mailchimp, automatically loading any newly added Supporters in the Mailing List Activity into Mailchimp.  If a subscriber changes their status to unsubscribed in Mailchimp, the subsequent synchronisation will change their Activity status in AdvantageNFP.  In addition, if someone calls in by phone to unsubscribe, you can change their Activity status in AdvantageNFP and when you click on the synchronise button it will update Mailchimp accordingly.  Logs of all changes made and mismatches are available for immediate interrogation within AdvantageNFP.

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