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All organisations mailing their database need to keep their data consistent, accurate and current.  This seminar looks at established procedures to achieve this.   Steve Cast, Founder and MD of Redbourn Business Systems, presents this session. He looks not just at theory but also uses examples and product demonstrations.  Come to this session to find out how to maintain your vital database asset.  





Ever wondered how other charities seem to know so much about their wealthier supporters and prospects?   Do you know who the high net worth individuals are in your database; those with a substantial disposable income and who are already supporting your organisation? 

Suitable for novices and experts alike, come along to this session to find out all you need to know about factually researched Wealth Screening and Wealth Intelligence.  For example identifying factual wealth bands of £1M - £50M+ and identifying those who have given £5,000 or more.  The presenter is Steve Cast, MD and Founder of AdvantageNFP.  Steve will present practical tips and a documented approach for taking your data through the Wealth Screening process and understanding the results by way of Wealth Intelligence, using real client case studies throughout.  

VIEW the wealth intelligence presentation below.


CHASE 2013 Presentation

Does Every Cloud Have a Silver Lining?

Is Cloud Computing an evolution or revolution? What does it mean for Not For Profit organisations? What are the advantages and disadvantages of moving to the cloud? What are the pitfalls to be avoided?  Will Cloud Computing suit every NFP organisation?…

Just what is Cloud Computing and what is all the fuss about anyway?

From a fundamental overview to developing a strategy, for either adopting the cloud or not, your presenter, Steve Cast, Founder and MD of AdvantageNFP answers these questions, offering valuable insights, using “real life” client case studies from the NFP sector. 

View 'Does Every Cloud Have a Silver Lining?' presentation below. 

NFP 2012 Presentation

The Fundraising Fantastic Four 

Your CRM database is the key to managing your world, strengthening relationships with your supporters and ultimately raising more funds.  So, where do Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ fit in?  

What’s the benefit of social media? 

Who’s doing this already, how does it work and is it really raising funds or awareness?

What’s the strategy for linking your social media fundraising, membership or lobbying activities with your CRM database solution?  

Your presenter, Steve Cast, Founder and MD of AdvantageNFP answers these questions and offer practical tips, using “real life” customer case studies from the NFP sector. 

View the Fundraising Fantastic Four presentation below.  

CHASE 2011 Presentation

Mobile Your Data

According to Ofcom, 23% of the UK’s mobile phone users now use their handsets to access the Internet.  Many users now access web content exclusively on their mobile devices, e.g. from their iPhone, iPad, Windows Smartphone or Blackberry device.

With 96% of the UK population owning a mobile phone, SMS text is an increasingly popular communication mechanism and one that the NFP sector should embrace.  Why?  Costs are low, campaigns can be setup quickly and with two way text message donations can be sent quickly and efficiently.

Your presenter, Steve Cast, Founder and MD of Redbourn Business Systems, presents helpful tips on how to integrate your database with the mobile world, using client case studies as examples.  

View the Mobile Your Data Presentation below.

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